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Field Experience Placement Meeting

Field Experience Placement Meeting ( will be August 18th in University Hall 170 at 5:00 PM. Please be in attendance if you desire to be placed in a school this fall to gain field experience hours.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is seeking dedicated teachers.

Career Services

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E-Portfolio Video On-Demand

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Khan Academy, Learn almost anything—for free.

Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything—for free.

What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Browse the libraryorTry an exercise

Help us change education

Our small team is on a mission to deliver a world-class education to anyone anywhere, and you can help. Take a second to get the word out, or read about how teachers, translators, donors, and everyone else can contribute.


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What effect does class size have on average students?

What effect does class size have on average students?
A three-year expansion of class sizes in Clark County, Nev., has educators worried about achievement among average students. They say as many as 40% of students will either excel or struggle regardless of class size. For students who fall in the middle, however, overcrowded classes and a lack of one-on-one interaction with teachers can make a difference. Some, however, say that a quality teacher is more important than class size. Las Vegas Sun

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MGED Science Position

Our Lady of Peace is interested in hiring a temporary teacher to teach science to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from mid August to mid November. They are holding the permanent position for another teacher who will be doing her Practicum in the fall. The science content covered is earth, life, and physical. They prefer someone with a science background but it is negotiable.

If you are interested in applying for the position then you should do so ASAP! Decisions will be made in June.

Send a fax or e-mail your resume to: Mrs. Morton, the principal of Our Lady of Peace School.

Fax# 803-279-7167


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How teacher-student relationships can foster safe schools

How teacher-student relationships can foster safe schools
Strong relationships between teachers and students can help create safe learning environments, even in schools located in the most crime-ridden neighborhoods, a study by the Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago finds. The study’s lead author says the findings support the mission of the city’s “Culture of Calm” program, which has seen success in pairing at-risk Chicago students with adult mentors. The continuation of the program is in question, however, as federal stimulus money dwindles. Chicago Tribune

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